Pitching Your Ideas

Having a creative idea is great. Developing it is exciting. Pitching it can be challenging. A pitch is an opportunity to present an idea you’ve crafted, out of your own inspiration, creativity and hard work to someone who can make that idea a reality. The correct “State of Mind” is critical in persuading or motivating anyone to implement your ideas. The person on the receiving end of a pitch tends to gauge the pitcher’s creativity, as well as the idea itself, based on how effectively they organize and deliver their idea with confidence, passion and enthusiasm.

In Pitching Your Ideas you will learn simple templates you can follow and techniques you can utilize that infuse your pitch with passion, enthusiasm and business solutions in order to inspire and persuade your listener. Pitching Your Ideas is for anyone who has a great idea and wants to see that idea implemented.

Not surprisingly, the more conviction and enthusiasm the person pitching the idea, the more effective he or she will be. In Pitching Your Ideas you will learn to harness your conviction and passion to persuade and inspire your listener to action. 


  • Deliver your pitch with confidence and enthusiasm
  • Organize precisely for maximum impact
  • MindMap: Craft the pitch to address the listener’s needs
  • Develop a 30 sec elevator pitch
  • Create passion and excitement in your listener
  • Tell the Story of your idea
  • Adopt an Inspirational “State of Mind”
  • Eliminate nerves
  • Differentiate your idea
  • Focus on benefits

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Program Agenda

Delivery Skills displaying Conviction and Enthusiasm

MindMaps: Organizing Template for Effective Pitches

Knowing your Listeners Business Needs

Storytelling Format

Handling Objections & Challenges

Role-play Scenarios

Action Plan for Continued Results 

Program Details

1 Day Workshop

2 Executive Consultants

Maximum of 12 Participants

Extensive In-Room Coaching

2 Videoed Exercises

Private Coaching