Pharmaceutical Speaker Training

One of the most effective ways to promote your new product — be it a new drug, medical device, medical product, or procedure — is to have key opinion leaders speak about its benefits. But relying on expert authorities who have had no formal presentation training frequently yields less than optimal results.

Next time you bring a group of experts together to learn about your new product’s benefits, maximize the impact of your time. Add a communications skills training component to your meeting and teach your field experts to be able to present effectively on your new product’s behalf.


Prepare your scientific experts and key opinion leaders to deliver persuasive new drug sales presentations. Contact us for medical and pharmaceutical presentation training today.

Your key opinion leaders will learn scientific and pharmaceutical presentation skills allowing them to:

  • Master delivery skills that engage and influence your listener
  • Present up-to-date medical information in engaging ways
  • Employ PowerPoint® and other audio-visual aids effectively
  • Speak in public with ease and assurance
  • Handle questions with confidence and authority
  • Remain calm and in control when challenges arise
  • Learn to add stories and examples to personalize your presentation
  • Create compelling openings and closings to your talk

The CommSkills Group has over 15 years’ experience coaching medical and scientific authorities to be strong public speakers. Our communications skills training — for small groups of 10 or 12 to large groups of 100 or more — employs innovative and practical techniques to turn “experts” into “expert presenters.”

As with all CommSkills Group workshops we utilize extensive video feedback and practical role play exercises to facilitate successful behavior change and effectiveness. Our executive consultant will work with you on your Speaker presentation skills so that you will be prepared and comfortable speaking to groups. Once again, our focus is on identifying your authentic style and working with you to enhance that style and eliminate distractions. We focus on Content Organization, Delivery Skills, interacting with your listeners and creating a confident MindSet.



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