Half-Day Bootcamp Series

In the age of 60-second news reports, 30-second Snapchat pictures, and 6-second Vine videos, the average human attention span is roughly one second LESS than that of a goldfish. Why not rethink learning methods for skills reinforcement.

With that in mind, it’s time to consider an alternative approach in this fast paced business environment for reinforcing learned skills so that they have a lasting effect on its’ employees. Boot Camp Intensive Workshops are an alternative training process that accommodates time and budget constraints but does not compromise value! Learning reinforcement that is quick and easily implemented.


Our Boot Camp intensive learning approach recognizes that there are alternatives to full day trainings. Half day intensive workshops on specific skills can be incredibly effective. Since the focus is on one specific skill set the work can progress swiftly and time spent on primarily on polishing the skills themselves.

The Boot Camp’s 10 distinct modules are designed to maximize retention in short periods of time, each focusing on reinforcing a different specific skills in presenting, communicating, facilitating and pitching ideas. This increases the ability of the employee to implement and practice the learned skill ensuring lasting results. A business can choose any two modules for a given training day, after which the employees decide which workshop(s) to attend.

Powerful Delivery Skills

How you say your message is as important as what you say. You want your message to come alive in the way that you present it. In this module we will discuss and practice the Three Power Skills for confidence, authority, conviction and enthusiasm. Using effective eye connection for confidence and engaging your listener. Breathing and pausing for pace and elimination of filler words like um and uh. Maximizing vocal variety to project conviction and or enthusiasm. These three have a powerful impact on how you are perceived.

Content for Impact: The Presentation Storyboard

How you organize and construct your message can either compel or bore your listener. You want to have a dynamic opening in order to engage your listener and create interest right off the bat. And you want a strong close so that people know what you want them to do with your message and the benefits of taking action. You don’t just want your listener to remember what you said you want to influence them to act. You will learn to use our tool the “Communication Planner” for impact.

The Feared Challenging Question

No matter how well you present your information, if you fall apart when challenged with a question or objection than all is for not. We typically get defensive and reactive when challenged. You will learn and practice several very effective skills to stay in charge, not react defensively but to respond with confidence and credibility.

The Power of Story in Business

Data and information in and of itself is not engaging. People since the beginning of time have learned through stories. Learn how to weave stories into your message in a conversational way that make a point, humanizes your content, increases understanding and retention and is fun and entertaining. Stories connect with people on a very human level. Use the power that they have in conveying ideas.

Facilitate Effectively

In many types of group situations, and particularly in complex discussions or those where people have different views and interests, good facilitation can make the difference between success and failure. What a facilitator does is plan, guide and manage a group event to ensure that the group’s objectives are met effectively, with clear thinking, good participation and full buy-in from everyone who is involved. You will learn facilitation skills to help your group reach a successful decision, solution or conclusion.

Strategic Meetings for Results

Most meetings are pretty much a waste of time because they have little or no real intention or structure. By structure we mean a clear purpose and agenda designed to create an action plan at it’s end. And often the behavior at meetings can create more distraction than input. You will learn a simple way to structure a meeting with purpose and intention and how to manage the distractive behavior that groups often display. As a result you will have more dynamic productive meetings.

The Pitch: Pitching Your Ideas

Pitching: “The act of inspiring, persuading or motivating others to do something with your idea, concept or information. It is essentially trying to transfer your energy and enthusiasm about some idea/concept to someone else so well that they want to act on your idea/concept or set a time to hear more about it.” Coming up with good ideas is hard enough, but convincing others to do something with them is even harder. You will learn templates you can follow and techniques you can utilize that infuse your pitch with passion, enthusiasm and business solutions in order to inspire and persuade your listener to act.

Think On Your Feet

For those who dread speaking their mind at meetings when put on the spot Think on Your Feet is for you. You will learn simple easy techniques and templates to respond to anyone’s request for your thoughts, ideas, reactions, recommendations or opinions. Have the capacity to respond with ideas and opinions in a way that projects confidence and capability in any situation.

Genderwise: Communicating Across the Gender Gap

Men aren’t from Mars and women aren’t from Venus, but studies suggest that their brains really are wired differently. In business, as in life, men and women use strategies in communicating with each other that the opposite sex may view negatively. Often, misunderstandings can be avoided when coworkers and managers consider the different ways men and women communicate. Being GenderWise is about understanding, valuing and leveraging our differences so that the outcome is better solutions, communication, collaboration, and more productive environments for business results.

Misused Visuals: Effective Design & Use of Visual Aids

Visual aids are a curse and a blessing. If designed and used well they can support your message in a professional way. If done poorly, which most of us do, they can create the impression that you do not know your material and people will tune out. Learn the most impactful way to create and use visuals to engage, compel and connect you with your listener.

Employees can attend one or both sessions as deemed necessary by their specific professional development needs. And different modules can be offered on other days.


The success of this approach comes from its’ three-part process:

  • Enlist
  • Engage
  • Reinforce

We enlist with workshops that draw learners in; participants voluntarily commit to modules they’re interested in polishing and as such, willingly retain and implement skills they deem necessary to have in their repertoire. Then, our workshops are full of practical role-plays and exercises that keep participants engaged. And finally, we create assignments and ongoing reinforcement practices to help participants implement and strengthen their learning in their jobs with continued use and practical applications.


Other than its’ heightened ability to teach and engage employees, these modules drastically diminish costs for the company as a whole. With half-day sessions, time away from the office is cut in half and disruptions to workflow are all limited. And the practical and applicable skills learned are invaluable in making sure the training dollars spent are worth the investment.


Employees can choose which workshops to attend, heightening their control over training and diminishing that negative feeling of obligation. Plus, opting for sessions of interest to each individual peak their engagement, allowing a full half-day immersion into valuable, practical skills.


You, your business and your employees all deserve to invest in something that will remain beneficial weeks, months, and years after it ends. These modules, and their lessons, will stay with participants long after their half-day workshop ends. We deliver results that last.


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