Being coached on effective communication and presentation skills is an invaluable use of your time. How you come across when presenting says as much as the message itself. You want to have a presence that says confidence, credibility and conviction in order to create an effective impression every time you speak. Masterful speaking is a combination of science and art. Natural style, delivery skills and poise all come together to create presence.

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We work with business people who have to present in any number of high-stake situations, including:

Speaker at a Conference

High Stakes Company Meeting

VC Presentations

All Hands Meetings

Communicating Change

Keynote Speaking

Addressing the Press & Media

Awards Ceremony

Moderating a Panel Discussion

Whenever you have the opportunity to speak to a group, you have the opportunity to engage, influence and inspire.

Whether you are an inexperienced speaker or a competent one who wants to take your skills to the next level, CommSkills can help you:

Develop a listener-focused Mindset

Enhance your presence

Find your authentic style

Tell compelling and engaging stories

Be more influential and persuasive

Understand, connect with, and engage your listener

Refine and hone your presentations

Our Presenter Coaching Engagements Include

Three-to-six-months of customized coaching to develop content and refine your natural presentation style and impact

Intensive coaching preparation for high stakes and critical speaking situations

Coaching and practice for press and media interactions

Coaching to improve presenting in impromptu speaking situations