Think on Your Feet

We are often called on to communicate an idea or concept with little or no notice, comment at a meeting on a topic we may not be completely prepared to talk about or answer a difficult question. Think on Your Feet deals directly with these types of speaking situations. You will learn skills and techniques that allow you to communicate concisely and effectively while creating a confident impression. The ability to speak extemporaneously is vital in our fast paced business environments. How well we think on our feet on a day-to-day basis is a major part of how effective we are in our positions within the organization.


  • Master the Art of Impromptu Speaking
  • Communicate Concisely and Confidently on the Spot
  • Use the “BREATHING” to Organize Thoughts
  • Employ Critical Delivery Skills to Create Credibility
  • Eliminate Nervous Anxiety
  • Develop a Powerful “State of Mind”
  • Use Templates to Quickly Organize Ideas
  • Create Influential Messages Instantly 

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Program Agenda

Improvisational Techniques & Exercises

Reviewing Confident Behavior Skills

Impromptu Practices

Organizing Content: The “MindMap” Templates

Role-Play Scenarios

The Power of the Pause

Extemporaneous Exercises

Action Plan for Skill Reinforcement 

Program Details

1 Day Workshop

1 Consultant

Maximum of 12 Participants

2 Video Exercises

In-room Coaching