Distance Learning

Training Programs Delivered Remotely, Virtually or Via a Learning Management System

Many organizations need to offer employees performance improvement and skill development training from a distance.  This type of program can supplement a traditional classroom-based approach (a hybrid model with both in-person and distance learning components) or the program can be 100% virtual.  Whatever the arrangement, the CommSkills Group can help you either design a new distance learning program or retrofit an existing program to incorporate virtual tools or a Learning Management System (LMS).  We have approximately two decades of experience advising and consulting with clients on eLearning, distance learning and hybrid learning best practices and strategies.

In a Distance Learning engagement, you can:

  • Adapt existing training to an appropriate format for your organization
  • Design a hybrid learning model
  • Develop a strategy for your Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Write learning objectives suitable for remote training
  • Repurpose legacy performance improvement initiatives to a distance learning model
  • Choose an existing CommSkills Group Workshop (see details on website) and adapt it to a distance model for your organization or team’s needs

Engagement Options

– Per training program
– Monthly retainer

Sensitivity & Critical Conversations

 We all have biases. What’s important for relationships and community building is for individuals to have self-awareness of their personal biases and, as important, how biases affect communication. The frameworks and tools offered by the Emotional Intelligence and Crucial Conversation models (based on the bestselling business books) are easy-to implement solutions. This workshop will introduce the theories, explain how to apply them on-the-job, and provide practical tools.

Conversations workshop, participants will be offered examples and tools they can apply to their job and role for personal and professional development opportunities.

The workshop will incorporate as many voices as possible, in formal presentations and workshop discussions.

During the workshop:

  • Participants will be encouraged to apply the knowledge and tools.
  • The four elements of Emotional Intelligence will be introduced and explained.
  • The primary tools for Crucial Conversations will be outlined and discussed.
  • Small group activities will give participants opportunities to apply what they learn about Sensitivity and Critical Conversations.
  • Post Investment Group-related examples will be collected and shared.
  • Opportunities for enriching coaching sessions can be offered for further development.


Training Session Outline  (4 hours)

  1. Attention Getter
  2. Introductions and Session Objectives
  3. Emotional Intelligence Model (Daniel Goleman)
    1. Self-Awareness
    2. Self-Management
    3. Social Awareness
    4. Relationship Management
  4. Crucial Conversation Tools (Patterson, Grenny, McMillan and Switzer)
    1. “Discussion between two or more people where the stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong.”
    2. Authors offer tools for talking within the workplace environment.
  5. Resources to Learn More
  6. Final Questions or Comments

Session Activities

  • Case Studies (examples from client’s employees)
  • Video Activity (scenes with high emotion situations)
  • Handouts (Articles and information on how to implement ideas learned)
  • Small Group Breakouts (participants engage in crucial conversations)
  • Participant Testimonials (participants share examples of their own self-awareness)


Initial Program Assessment

Project Proposal

Instructional Design Plan and Support


Led by an expert Instructional Systems Designer

Includes direct consultations and written reports

Draws upon two decades of experience and examples


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