As a coach working with people and businesses on communicating more effectively I was very drawn to this video for a few important reasons. The idea of having an empowering state of mind is essential in our personal and professional lives. It is something I remind my clients about every time I work with them. The lessons in this video are important for everyone. From millennials to baby boomers. Once we embrace this “paradigm shift”, shown in the video “This is Water”, we change how we show up in the world. This shift will begin to have an incredible impact on how we communicate. Our interactions with our spouses, partners, friends, co-workers, direct reports and managers will improve dramatically. Mundane, frustrating and difficult situations begin to shift. You are better able to handle life’s challenges. You begin to understand and have empathy for yourself and others. This opens up a world of opportunities and experiences that will create amazing results for you and others. By changing your state of mind and your intention in how you interact with the world, you ultimately improve every area of your life.

Start now and shift your perspective. Empathize rather than criticize. Make small changes. Be grateful for the small things. Look at others and try to see their merits rather than their faults. Realize the impact you can have by simply sharing with someone what you admire about them. Give a compliment to someone you work with or thank them for the great work they do. Simple ordinary acts have extraordinary impact. Make a list of the tasks that drain you and see how you can shift your thinking around them. Find something to be grateful for every day. Walk to the grocery store instead of driving so you can enjoy the fresh air and feel your body. Share yourself with others in a way that uplifts their spirits, or maybe volunteer somewhere. As you shift your perspective you change yourself, and others, forever.

At CommSkills Group we strive to help professionals communicate more effectively in order to “influence, inspire and drive peak performance.” By adopting the state of mind that communication is about adding value to your listener’s life in some way, you will be more confident and connect on truly authentic level. Because in truth, communication is “not about you”, it’s about your listener. By shifting your intention, you will reduce your anxiety, be clearer with your messages and influence others more easily. It’s about choice. Choose to make a difference, choose to see the world with more empathy, choose the way you want to show up. Change your state of mind. This is water.

Check out the full video below: