The Pandora’s Box That Is Social Media

Have you seen Netflix’s latest offering, the shock-and-awe docudrama ‘The Social Dilemma’? If you haven’t, you’ve probably been missing out. Viewers everywhere have—ironically—taken to social media to proclaim this film ‘unmissable.’ The Social Dilemma turns over the proverbial rock of social media, uncovering the insects that live beneath it. Who’s Shaping Your Reality? It’s not [...]

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Social Isolation During the Pandemic

  “We don't heal in isolation, but in community.” ― S. Kelley Harrell, Gift of the Dreamtime   As the pandemic plods on, month after month, many of us are finding ourselves chafing against imposed isolation. We feel simultaneously drained and restless. It can be bruising to the psyche to be cut off from the [...]

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Joining the Conversation: Uncovering and Addressing Hidden Bias

            “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”         -  Desmond Tutu   If you’ve turned on the television or logged into social media in the past days, weeks, or months, it may seem to you like every [...]

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Blended Work Environments in the Post-COVID Landscape

After more than two months of a world in total lockdown, we are beginning to see a shift. We are witnessing the gradual reopening of the economy, and office workers are gearing up to return to their brick-and-mortar buildings. But all is not as it once was. Although restrictions are loosening, the pandemic isn’t over. [...]

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The Uncanny Impact of Zoom Burnout

“Can you hear me?” “I think your screen might be frozen...” “My internet is cutting o-” These are the familiar phrases that begin every Zoom conference. Just the sound of them registers mutual frustration with users across the globe. Thanks to COVID-19, many of us are spending an uncomfortable amount of time alone. As the [...]

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Will Remote be the New Normal

As COVID-19 continues to sweep the globe, shuttering schools and public services, many organizations are faced with a new question. How can we navigate operations in a landscape that is so different from our norm? Fortunately, with a little ingenuity and creative problem solving, businesses can thrive. With so many employers and employees forced to [...]

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Transparency, Trust and Leadership

As a business leader, you have people that rely on you. Your employees are the heart of your business; without them, nothing would get done. Likewise, without you, there would be nothing to get done. A well-balanced, symbiotic relationship with your workers will serve you well in the business world. Given the current state of [...]

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